Innovation is part of our DNA

We're changing the face of searches today, anticipating new opportunities as bigger data becomes available tomorrow

The founders of our company built the original search business and led the development of the first online search provider. With their 70 years of experience we have industry leading knowledge that our further innovations can build on.
Compared to other search companies working with legacy systems, we've built a flexible technology engine that readily adapts to changing needs. And we can connect to the essential parts of bigger data from new sources as it becomes available.

We develop products and services using our deep understanding of the way conveyancers think and act, which means we focus on particular aspects of searches that matter to conveyancers most.

And alongside our technology, we have a team of experts who proactively address search queries to further simplify the experience for our clients.
In fact you'll find, WITH OUR SEARCHES EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF FOR YOU. Which means you don't need to think about searches at all. 

Essential data simply delivered