Simple to use service applications

Thinking ahead to provide you with the essential data you need


Place a residential search with us in 30 seconds by simply entering the postcode. No need to plot boundaries or upload plans. Our platform identifies the lowest cost, geospatially relevant data on your property.

​We can locate New Build properties for you, at no additional cost with information sourced from councils and developers. We proactively resolve queries allowing you to concentrate on core conveyancing tasks.


Our commercial platform ForeSite, designed specifically for commercial firms, enables exceptional client service.

​You have the option to input search deadlines, use preconfigured workflows according to transaction type, and carry out detailed site screening before ordering searches. This advance screening alerts you to risks that you can immediately highlight to clients.

Data sharing is simple and we calculate accurate costs before you place your order.


We offer a concierge service for large portfolios that require interrogation of Land Registry data. We discuss your clients' requirements with you to identify the specific data sets required and create a delivery framework.

​With our knowledge of HM Land Registry data and acumen about how to process it in volume, we are able to sort through the data available, collate exactly what you need cost effectively and return it in an accessible format.​​  


We can provide a bespoke service for processing portfolios of properties. Following your enquiry, we ensure one point of contact throughout to oversee the quotation, submission of searches and returned results.

​Our proactive Customer Support Team will significantly reduce your workload by anticipating and addressing questions before searches are placed and dealing with any queries once the data is returned.


Partners in Property technology & Open Data tools


​Our free online Conveyancing Quotation Tool provides rapid, consistent and transparent quotations enabling firms to convert online enquiries. Highly customisable, the tool allows you to define fees by region, disbursements, terms & conditions, create email text, all aligned with your website look and feel.

​A dashboard provides an overview of quotations and a direct connection to prospects in a trackable digital environment.



​Our Auction Pack service removes manual processing of information packs for properties going to auction. ​We guide you through the set-up process ensuring your pack contains your cover sheet and content.

​Simply provide the date and postcode for each property and our tool collates and presents information in a single report. If any queries arise for a property, we do all we can to ensure they're resolved by the auction deadline.